Friday, May 29, 2020

WHO suggests that Mediterranean diet is best in pregnancy

A new study finds that the Mediterranean diet in pregnancy brings a great advantage The food, as we do not tire to expose, is...

The Apollo 8 a Christmas gift of technology

50 years ago, for the first time, three human beings passed the Fiestas out of their world. Apollo 8 was the second manned mission...

Why Vitaminwater wants you to trash your smartphone?

NoPhoneForAYear is called the challenge that has thousands of people competing to be the "chosen" for the experiment to put aside the cell phone.Nowadays...

After 47 years first human object arrived on Mars

The US probe Insight landed on Monday, November 26, 2018, on Martian soil and has already sent the first photos of the surface of...

CDC alerts an outbreak in USA by Romaine lettuce

If your dishes for this Thanksgiving include a salad, you should be very careful that the mixture does not carry romaine lettuce, because the...

NASA launches a satellite with lasers to study ice on Earth

The ICESat-2 satellite will monitor changes in the cryosphere by emitting a laser. The satellite with the most advanced space laser from NASA was...

Waterworld probably in Exoplanets of solar system

A group of scientists from Harvard University has shown that it is likely that the size of exoplanets, which are between two and four...

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Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons – Diablo-lite of Majong for crawler

Minecraft Dungeons is a simplified version of top-down reunion, but does not lose the taste of the genre as it boils all the unnecessary pieces that serve to slow down more complex games.

Is it Safe to Fly With COVID-19 Coronavirus?

If you must fly, there are ways to minimize your risk besides buying your own plane. As I have written before for Forbes, the circulating air does go through filters, which can reduce the risk of infection.

IRS forces TurboTax to make services more transparent

Intuit other major tax preparation software companies are now prohibited from hiding their free filing services from Google or other search results pages as...