Monday, August 10, 2020

The creator of 3D weapons is accused of raping in Texas

Cody Wilson is the owner of the US company Defense Distributed. Cody Wilson, the owner of the US company " Defense Distributed " dedicated to...

Mollie Tibbetts murder identified as Cristhian Rivera

Mollie Tibbetts murder suspect was identified as Cristhian Rivera (24), who lives illegally in the United States An illegal immigrant from Mexico is accused...

In Colorado, husband killed a pregnant wife and two daughters

33-year-old Chris Watts of Colorado claimed that his 34-year-old wife Shennan and two little daughters disappeared without a trace. The man begged the police...

Chris Watts confessed to killing his wife

Christopher Watts was arrested on suspicion of killing his pregnant wife and her 3 and 4-year-olds. He cried before the cameras for his wife...

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Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons – Diablo-lite of Majong for crawler

Minecraft Dungeons is a simplified version of top-down reunion, but does not lose the taste of the genre as it boils all the unnecessary pieces that serve to slow down more complex games.

Is it Safe to Fly With COVID-19 Coronavirus?

If you must fly, there are ways to minimize your risk besides buying your own plane. As I have written before for Forbes, the circulating air does go through filters, which can reduce the risk of infection.

IRS forces TurboTax to make services more transparent

Intuit other major tax preparation software companies are now prohibited from hiding their free filing services from Google or other search results pages as...