Story of famous author Toni Morrison completes at 88

Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison, originally named as Chloe Anthony Wofford, was born on February 18, 1931 in Lorain Ohio, United States. She, being the second child of her parents, had three siblings. Toni’s father belonged to Georgia. He was a sheer hard worker who used to perform several jobs for almost two decades in order to feed his family. That was an era of a serious economic slump in the US.

Toni claimed her family to have unusual powers to foresee the future events.

Her family members carried a ritual to share different stories with each other. The children and senior members of the family used to create stories based on their own world. She mentioned her early age memories to have helped her initiate a novel or an essay sometime.

Toni stands amongst classic writers. She also mentioned the names of a few classic writers to be her inspiration. The list includes the big names as Jane Auston and gustave. She stated that these writers motivated her to pen those aspects of life that she had personally gone through.

Toni passed her B.A. in 1953 from the Howard University – Washington D.C. During her graduation, she took a very active part in literary and artistic activities. She performed in many plays which portrayed the lives of African-American people. She went for higher studies to the Cornell University – Ithaca and obtained her master’s degree in English. Before returning to the Howard University as a teacher, she taught at Texas Southern University for a couple of years.

Toni Morrison married Harold Morrison in 1958. Harold was one of her colleagues at the Howard
University, who became an architect afterwards. Toni and Morrison’s marriage came to an end with a
divorce in 1964. They had two sons named as Slade and Harold Ford.

Slade passed away in 2010 after suffering through cancer.

She travelled to the New York City in 1968 in association with Random House to work as an editor and grasped the position of a senior editor to be the only African American lady to reach that level. She used to deliver lectures as a side activity.

Turning into a well recognized novelist, she produced many remarkable pieces including The Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon, Tar Baby, Beloved, Jazz and Paradize. The novel Song of Solomon won her two big awards named as National Book Critics Circle Award and American Academy of Arts and Letters Awards.

Her novels appear to describe such roles that seem to be striving to find the reality of their own world. Her novels elicit a great emotional reaction that often results in other literary creations.
If we talk about one of her novels which earned a widespread popularity, Beloved is the title that strikes through the mind. It was a legendary novel to be produced by a legend. She also wrote on the topic of children. Her stance was about providing children their space and freedom so that they can flourish well up to their potential, and their abilities can never be suppressed.

She died on August 05, 2019 in the New York City at the age 88 but her works would always be
remembered in the history of English literature.


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