Jair Bolsonaro blames the NGOs for fire in Amazon

Jair Bolsonaro blames the NGOs for fire in Amazon

The Brazilian Amazon burns like never before.

There has been a big movement on the social media during the last couple of days for spreading the
awareness regarding the Amazon fires.

So many people posted via their social media accounts to pray for the Amazon, after the massive fires were witnessed in the Amazonia and Rondonia that covered the skies with the smoke.

The Horizons of Sao Paulo, the Brazilian city, went dark with the smoke released by the fires burnt in the forests. Amazon, the largest rainforest in the world, has been burning in parts for a couple of weeks and suddenly the fires got huge that caught the attention of the world.

Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian President has been encouraging the tendency of regularly clearing the
forest in huge patches in order to make the land ready for forming. Jair Messias Bolsonaro, a former
military officer, became the President of Brazil on January 01, 2019. Since his government took the
charge, the deforestation has significantly increased.

NASA satellite records concentration of burning in the Amazonia

The National Institute for Space Research of Brazil argued that about nine hundred square miles of the Amazon was wiped out in July. The report showed a three time increase from the last year’s statistics, which is worrisome for the whole world as the Amazon is known to be the lungs of the world.

The Brazilian President, however, rejected the reports of the INPE and declared it to be a bunch of lies. He also fired the director of the institute – Ricardo Galvao. In the past, INPE’s reports were given a great significance for the well being of the Amazon, and they also instigated the people to carry on healthy movements to prevail a sense of urgency to stop deforestation. But the existing President regards the reports as lies and presumes no consequences of abolishing the environmental regulations.

The Amazon has been fire resistant thus far. Removal of the trees in huge numbers, keeping selective
trees alive and clearing land for forming caused the sun to hit the ground, dry out the trees and heat the floor to burn more fires. On the other hand, the smoke also hindered rainfall and added up to the heat as well. The existing President has a full support of the pressure group of the farmers who are aggressive to form more land for cultivating. In the second week of August, the farmers observed a fire day, consequently the fires in the Amazon increased up to nine times.

President Jair Bolsonaro believes that NGOs have triggered the fires

The fire explosions in the Amazon are the result of the government’s lenient policies towards the
farmers and the public expression made by the President and the minister for environment. The
consequences of the explosion are deemed to be devastating to the human health. These fires also
weaken the rain forests’ ability to reproduce naturally.

Amazon has an immense role in belittling the environmental change, soaking up the carbon dioxide
released by the industries and providing the world with oxygen, but according to a study, such fires in
the Amazon can cause over fifty billion tons of carbon to be released to the environment each year.


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