Why Christian Bale thanked Satan in Golden Globe 2019?

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Christian Bale joined the Golden Globes when he picked up his best comedy actor award: “Thanks to Satan”.

The awards presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), took center stage to ‘Green Book’, which three awards was to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Rome’, with two. 

‘The vice of power’, the maximum nominee with six nominations, won the award for best comedy or musical actor for Christian Bale, who plays in the film former US Vice President Dick Cheney. But the most talked about of the night was his controversial speech: “Thanks to Satan for inspiring me,” said the Welsh actor.

It was not the only pearl that he released. After joking with the director Adam McKay and commenting that he chose him for his “lack of charisma and because he wants to vomit,” the Oscar-winning actor proposed to give life to another politician: “The next will be Mitch McConnell?” he asked after gaining applause from the audience.

Accepting the Golden Globe for best actor in a film or musical comedy, Bale also thanked writer and director Adam McKay, Oscar-winning screenwriter for “The Big Short,” for hiring him to play Cheney in the film. But beyond the laughter for the dedication, generated a particular show of gratitude from The Church of Satan. Through Twitter the cult gave its opinion, saying that as worshipers of the Lord of Darkness, they appreciate Bale’s reference. In addition to that, for them, Satan is a symbol of freedom, pride, and individualism, as well as the talent of Bale himself.

The actor joked that McKay was looking for someone “free of charisma” and, therefore, asked for the role.

“(McKay) said:” I have to find someone who is not charismatic and vilified by everyone. “Then, he said,” Oh, it has to be Bale, “Bale said on stage on Sunday. He added that he is “reaching the market of idiots without charisma.”

“Thanks to Satan for inspiring me on how to play this role,” he continued. Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney, daughter of the former vice president, tweeted a response to Bale in which she referred to an assault charge against the actor in 2008. During the award ceremony of the Golden Globes, Christian Bale took the prize for best actor in comedy or musical by Vice. The film is about the life of Dick Cheney, former president of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and manager of the invasion of Iraq, among other controversies. Bale, on the stage, thanked Satan for inspiring him in the character. 

“Satan has probably inspired him to do this too,” Cheney wrote, linking to a 2008 article on Bale’s arrest.

The article refers to an incident in a hotel room between the actor, his mother, and his sister. Bale denied the accusations at the time, described the incident as “a deeply personal matter” and asked the media at a press conference to “respect my privacy in this matter.”

British prosecutors said later there was “insufficient evidence” to indict the actor, the BBC, and other UK media reported in 2008. The commented phrase of the speech of Christian Bale was very well received in the cult to the demon.


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