The strange resignation of Serena Williams physiotherapist

The strange resignation of the physiotherapist Serena Williams in her collapse in Melbourne
The 23 ‘majors’ winner, who suffered a sprained left ankle, did not even want to stop the match to stop Pliskova’s comeback
Serena Williams left the dressing room tunnel of the Rod Laver Arena with tears in her eyes. He had wasted a favorable 5-1 and four match balls in the last set against Karolina Pliskova (6-4, 4-6, 7-5) and was leaving, for the third time in a row, without holding on to the coveted 24th ‘major’. Overwhelmed by the crazed tennis of the Czech, Serena gave six consecutive games, something that did not happen in a Grand Slam since 1999.
The key moment of the night for Williams came with 40-30 and 5-1 favorable. The first ‘match point’ to solve what seemed like an unappeasable victory. His first service was seen as an ‘ace’ until the chair umpire decreed a foot fault. In the second serve, Serena twisted her left ankle and since then nothing has changed again. Not even with the three match points in the tenth game, again with his turn of service.
Many wondered then why the seven-time champion in Melbourne did not ask for assistance to treat her joint. Although it was, simply, to take a few minutes of rest or break before the cascade of blows that came upon it.
If I am sincere, I hate to call the physiotherapist, at that moment I did not feel if I needed it or that the twist was a big problem”, revealed Serena after the defeat, resolved in 130 minutes. A reissue of the semifinal of the US Open of 2016, when Pliskova also gave the surprise (6-2, 7-6 [5]). The issue is that this time, Williams also seemed overwhelmed emotionally. Even his coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, dropped some clue about it.
The Greek coach also did not seem to fully understand his resignation from medical care. I could have asked for the physiotherapist’s entrance because she felt pain but … I do not know, I think she did not because she knew that she would not be able to win the tournament anymore, she knows her body very well, she has suffered many strains throughout of his career, “he revealed.
“I could have continued with a strong bandage and win the game, but I do not think I could have played the next day, I think that’s what he thought unconsciously, it’s the only explanation I find now but we have not talked yet. It seemed like the time to do it, “Mouratoglou added.

In any case, the comeback was completed in six consecutive games without a reply. In fact, never in the last 20 years, Serena had given in this way in a ‘big’. The last time came on May 4, 1999, when her compatriot Mary Joe Fernandez left her out of the eighth Roland Garros (6-3, 1-6 and 6-0). Paris, precisely, is now the new hope to conquer the 24th ‘big’.


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