The FBI arrests Roger Stone, ex-adviser of Donald Trump


The ex-adviser was in his pajamas. They already released him. The FBI arrested early Friday Roger Stone, a man very close to President Donald Trump and linked to pirated emails to damage Hillary Clinton, the Democratic rival in the 2016 elections.

About Stone, self-proclaimed “a dirty trickster”, weigh 7 accusations of special prosecutor Robert Mueller who give a detailed account of how Trump’s campaign sought to release this material supposedly hacked by Russia and delivered to WikiLeaks.

According to the prosecution, people from Trump contacted Stone to ask when they could count on the stolen emails.

CNN broadcast lives the night operation, which consisted of 29 agents and 17 vehicles, at the house of Stone, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“FBI, open the door!” The agents shout. They complied with the arrest despite the lack of payment due to the administrative closure of the government, which goes for the 35th day.

Shortly before he had published on Instagram a photo with Trump and a phrase: “Proud of my president”.

At the same time, Trump showed his anger this Friday at noon when on Twitter he said that it was “the greatest witch hunt in history” and noted that criminals receive better treatment, such as the coyotes that operate on the border, drug traffickers and the traffickers of people.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the indictment against Stone “has nothing to do with the president.”

Judge Lurana Snow agreed to release him after posting bail of $ 250,000.

Roger Stone, who assisted in the campaign of President Donald Trump for the 2016 elections, appeared today before Judge Lurana S. Snow hours later to be arrested at his home in that Southeast Florida city because of the accusations made against him a grand jury.

Stone, 66, has been charged with several counts brought against him by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller to investigate the Russian plot about interference from Moscow in the election campaign of 2016 that led Trump to the White House.

He is charged with five crimes of false declaration, one of obstruction of official procedure and another of manipulation of witnesses, according to the Department of Justice.

According to local media, it was a hearing to confirm the identity of the accused, who appeared handcuffed and chained.

The former Trump adviser said he did not have a passport and the judge ruled that, while on bail, he could only travel to attend court dates in Florida, Washington or New York.

FBI agents stormed Stone’s home in Fort Lauderdale today when it was not yet light, according to CNN images.

Stone himself, an eccentric character with the look of “dandy” who feels like a fish in the water in the media and to whom Netflix has dedicated a documentary, opened the door for them, according to that medium.

The word WikiLeaks is not mentioned in those documents, but it is understood that it is the organization led by Julian Assange.

“After Organization 1 released on July 22, 2016, stolen emails (from the Democratic National Committee), a senior Trump campaign official was instructed to contact Stone regarding future leaks and other information. That had Organization 1 on the campaign of (Hillary) Clinton “, point out the prosecutors in those documents.

“Stone, therefore, spoke with Trump’s campaign about future leaks of harmful material by Organization 1,” they add.

The accusatory document also notes that Stone “deliberately made false and misleading statements to the Senate Intelligence Committee.”

On December 3, Trump praised on Twitter that Stone announced that he was not going to testify in the case. “I will never testify against Trump.” In this statement, he basically stated that he will never be forced to invent lies and stories about ‘President Trump’ by a public prosecutor who goes free and is out of control. (It’s) good to know that some people still have ‘guts’! “The president wrote.

According to The New York Times, Stone is a longtime collaborator of Trump, who has spent decades driving the strings of politics to influence various US election campaigns.


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