Border Barrier of Donald Trump and the Unending Disaster

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It is not a secret that Donald Trump has an inordinate ego. His self-esteem is as big and robust as his dreamed wall on the border with Mexico. And it is not that self-love is a rare quality among the leaders, surely one cannot reach positions of power without a high dose of security in oneself, but the case of the tycoon turned politician is worthy of analysis.

It’s not that Trump knows a lot, it’s that he knows more than anyone. And, above all, as proof: a funny video that went viral on social networks. Immediately after his speech, the Democratic leaders responded to the president.

“President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, stop making a crisis and reopen the Administration,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat. The inability to reach a pact between Democrats and Republicans on the federal budget has forced the partial paralysis of the Government Administration, which already meets the day number 19.

The US president, in his own words, is the one who knows “more than anyone” about taxes, construction, financing of campaigns, drones, US history, ISIS, Facebook and many more. Donald Trump is the leader who knows everything. The president alpha. Judging by himself, of course.

It is clear that, despite having the lowest approval since there is data (it is good even in that), the president does not have a grandmother. And if it did, it would be the best of all. The possibility of Trump declaring a national emergency in him, a mechanism that would allow him to use military funds in the construction of the border barrier.

Trump avoided this declaration and insisted on denouncing the existence of “a growing humanitarian and security crisis” in the southern border of the country that, according to him, requires the creation of the wall, for which he requests $ 5.7 billion to be approved.

AMLO considers the statements of the US president a matter of internal policy

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, insisted Tuesday on the need to build another wall on the border with Mexico. In addition to various agencies that have had to suspend some of their functions due to lack of resources, about 420,000 employees considered essential have continued working without earning a salary, while another 380,000 remain on leave, also without compensation, local media recalled. 

He did so during a television message in which he repeated his arguments against irregular immigration and demanded funds for a structure that now, he said, would be a fence of steel bars. The president of Mexico, AndrĂ©s Manuel Lopez Abrader, made an assessment of Trump’s words.

“At what point, as a representative of all Mexicans, will you reply to Mr. Trump or will you not answer him?” Lopez Abrader, a journalist with the US channel ABC News, asked Lopez Abrader.

Trump keeps the declaration of emergency “on the table”

“We are not going to respond to proposals that are generated by the internal situation in the United States, we believe there is a political confrontation in the US, as there is in every country every time elections are coming. President Donald Trump maintains “on the table” the option of declaring a national emergency to build the wall on the border with Mexico, although he considers that “the best solution” is an agreement with Congress to finance border security, he said. 

“In the United States they have, I say with all respect, I do not want to get involved in their internal affairs, but they have a re-election system with very short periods.” “It’s something we’re still contemplating, it’s certainly something that’s still on the table,” Sarah Sanders, a White House spokeswoman, told reporters about the national emergency declaration on the border.

“Unlike us – the presidential term is six years – they have a presidential term of four, with re-election.” Then, when the new president arrives, he is already thinking about re-election and his opponents are almost ready to take office. In the same, of course, that is an explanation, “said the president. However, Sanders reiterated that Trump considers “the best solution” to reach an agreement with Congress to finance the construction of the wall with Mexico.

Trump, who will meet tomorrow with the Democratic leadership, will move next Thursday to the southern border, where he will meet with the authorities to learn firsthand the situation in the area.


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