Why Emily Blunt has focused on Mary Poppins Returns?


On December 21, the new Disney movie based on the life of the most beautiful governess in history arrives at the theaters ‘Mary Poppins Returns‘. More than fifty years after the premiere of the original film starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, this one is brought to life by Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The actress of Sicario, La chica del tren and A place in silence, shared her reaction to that now memorable call: “It was a recorded message of which I was disturbed by its emotional charge of energy. And I said to myself: ‘My God! What project are you looking for? ‘, When he revealed that it was Mary Poppins, even the air in my room changed. “

Emily Blunt giving life to the new Mary Poppins will make it clear that she wastes as much magic as glamor with her looks. Some good looks that the actress shows that it is not something that is left alone on the screen because during the promotion of the film has left us some spectacular outfits and for all tastes.
On the occasion of the premiere of Mary Poppins Return, James Corden invited his protagonists, Emily Blunt, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, to sing the songs of 22 musicals in just 12 minutes. Mary Poppins Returns is a sequel set 20 years after the first. Poppins returns to number 17 of Cherry Tree Lane, where little Jane and Michael, the unruly children of the original film, are already adults and there is a time when hope is scarce due to the Great Depression.
The British actress has been one of the most elegant in each of her appearances on the red carpets of the different premieres of the film in different parts of the world. Emily Blunt cannotbe said to bet on a particular style, what can be said is that it has become one of the most glamorous celebrities so far this year.
The wife of John Krasinski has chosen looks for all tastes and occasions because during her appearances she serves as inspiration for possible events we may have and with others, for the outfits,we choose to wear daily.
It was a phone call that brought the news to Emily Blunt that she was the chosen one to be the new Mary Poppins,a character that in 1964 was starring Julie Andrews, and whose production was the only one with actors in live action, in giving her the nomination to the Disney studio for Best Film.
We analyzed eight looks of Emily Blunt during these months of promotion of one of the most anticipated films of the year. The actress has worn from jacket suits with original prints to satin dresses, other princess whites and simpler boho chic style of flowers.
We will never forget the faces of little Jane and Michael Banks when we first see Mary Poppins descending with her umbrella through the overcast skies of London. It has been 54 years since the premiere of the unforgettable classic Disney and about 25 in the life of the Banks, who in ‘ The Return of Mary Poppins ‘ have lost the astonishment of those looks.
Now, Jane and Michael, played by Emily Mortimer and Ben Whishaw in the sequel, are adults and face tough problems that have made them forget the joy they experienced living magical adventures with the most super califragilistic nanny. For this reason, Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) returns to their lives, to remind them that with a little sugar, anything is possible and that you are never too old to fly a kite.
eCartelera has had the pleasure of interviewing the Banks brothers in their hometown, London. Among other things, Whishaw and Mortimer told us how it feels to be part of the legacy of a film so important for so many generations and how it was to participate in its first major musical production.
In addition to chatting with the Banks, we also had the opportunity to interview the director of the film, Rob Marshall, acclaimed director of musicals who puts his valuable experience at the service of a film of marked classicism and obvious influence of Broadway.
The director of ‘ Chicago ‘ and ‘ Into the Woods ‘ (who repeats with Blunt after working with her in the second) explains what makes ‘The Return of Mary Poppins’ current and necessary today, and how she managed to address issues such as loss or economic crisis without being carried away by sadness. You can see it below.


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