Spotify Wrap feature for your most listened songs


The music streaming platform launched Wrapped 2018, a tool that allows knowing the summary of each user broken down into artists, songs and genres most listened.

Spotify gave its users the possibility of knowing their annual summary of artists, songs and genres most listened to during 2018.

In a dynamic and colorful format, the online service allows – from the web browser and the application – to discover its own ranking, including statistics such as the number of minutes it listened to music and suggestions to start 2019.

You can already know that because Spotify has just released its annual summary with the statistics of the music you gave it the most during the last 12 months.

For days that this streaming platform has been announcing that it would get this summary, as it has been doing since 2016. “We are still giving the final touches to your music in 2018,” he announced.

To begin, you must into the main link and log in to Spotify. Next, it shows the first song of the year, its biggest ‘discovery’ and the number of minutes that music was heard.

  • The first requirement is to have a Spotify account, either free or paid and have used it in 2018.
  • Later we will enter the Wrapped by Spotify. 
  • You will ask us to log in with our Spotify account to access our data. But do not worry, the service is totally safe. 
  • Later we will begin to see information about the artists we listen to the most, the songs, genres and much more. 
  • Then, the application presents the artists, songs and favorite musical genres of 2018. 
Finally, Spotify Wrapped will show us a summary of everything previously mentioned: favorite artists, favorite songs, most played genre and a summation of all the minutes we have spent listening to songs in 2018. At the end of the web, we will be able to share all this content through the different social networks by clicking on the buttons that are shown to us. We can repeat this process as many times as we want, so do not hesitate and share it with your friends, family, and acquaintances. 
It also includes a list of songs with the 100 most listened to songs by the user in 2018, which is at the beginning of Spotify under the name “2018 in music”. In the end, you can share this information on social networks with your friends and followers.

But the best thing about Wrapped by Spotify is that we will have two new playlists; one with the most listened to of 2018, and another called “Side B” with artists and genres that we do not normally listen to, but Spotify promise that we will love it.


The Spotify Wrapped page finally opens the new edition of 2018. During a month we will be able to see the songs that we have listened most during a whole year, besides albums, genres, and artists, among other interesting data. The way to access the page is very simple.

Subsequently, you can find the most listened to musical sub-genre -and the number of people in the world that prefer it- and a “B-side”, which consists of a playlist with suggestions for the online service to begin 2019.


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