Kareem Hunt blamed for beating a woman

Kareem Hunt  assaulting a woman

The now-exorbitant Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL was caught on video hitting and kicking a woman.

The Kansas City Chiefs released his runner Kareem Hunt after releasing a video showing the player physically assaulting a woman.

The team reported late Friday in a statement that earlier this year the National Football League and the Police initiated investigations into the incident. Hunt was interrogated by the police. However, arrests or an advertisement did not exist, reports American media. The club also listened to their player but did not take action.

Now the U-turn after the release of the video: “Kareem was not honest in these talks, confirms the published video, so we release Kareem immediately,” wrote the association in a statement.

“Several members of our management team spoke directly with him, Kareem was not sincere in these talks, as the video released today confirms that fact,” he adds.

The video shows Hunt pushing and kicking a woman in an incident in February at a Cleveland hotel. Football star kicking after a woman on the ground and his club react immediately

A US website posted a video showing a ruffle between some women and football star Kareem Hunt. His NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs, is taking immediate action. According to the statement of the association, they had already learned at the beginning of the year of the now publicized incident and then held talks with Hunt. “Kareem did not tell the truth at this meeting, but the video released today confirms that fact, and we immediately parted ways with him.”

Less than an hour after he was discharged, Hunt said he wanted to apologize for his actions. “I deeply regret what I did,” he added.
The surveillance video shows Hunt arguing with a woman while other people try to stop him. After exchanging words with her, he pushes her before she hits him in the face. Hunt then pushes another man towards the woman, throwing her to the ground.

Hunt goes and kicks her in the leg while she is on the ground.

The National Football League responded to the video and put Hunt temporarily on a blacklist. For the time being, no other club can hire him. He may not train, play or play until the NFL investigation of the incident is completed.

Kareem Hunt kicks woman on the floor

But that’s not the end of the scene. The woman attacks one of the companions as a cluster of several people, including Hunt, shoots out of the corridor and push the acquaintance into the woman. Both go to the ground. Hunt, meanwhile, is fighting with another woman before he stands again next to the lady from the beginning and steps after her as she squats on the ground. He hits her sideways on the leg. In the meantime, one of Hunt’s acquaintances one of the women snatches the phone as she begins to film the situation.

Cleveland Police confirmed that no arrests were made in the incident and that Hunt has not been charged. The Chiefs had not seen the video before it was published on Friday, said an informed source of the situation.


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