Jennifer Lawrence tells her hilarious smoking story


Jennifer Lawrence  smoking
Jennifer Lawrence revealed the effect that caused her to use drugs on the birthday of a star
The performer reminded an episode that occurred after smoking “something different” at the festivity of the broadcaster Ellen DeGeneres.
For Jennifer Lawrence,it is regular to make posters in the oppositeof a camera or a red carpet, and when enquired they have no hitches talking about their most disconcerting moments.

In a new discussion, the Oscar winner told a hilarious anecdote that lived during the 60th birthday of the famed and popular anchor Ellen DeGeneres.

“I sought to consent and I went to find my mate, who was not organized to authorization, then I smoked marijuana with some rappers,” began the character of The Hunger Games onHoward Stern’s radio program around the DeGeneres mega-party.
“What they were smoking was diverse, I entered another world,” he said. “So I went to the toilet to pee, there was a woman waiting to let me in. I said, ‘you were first, come in,’ but she insisted that I come in,” he continued. “Once in the bathroom,I thought: ‘that woman has to poop.’ So I left the bathroom, I went to her and said ‘look, you have to poop’, and she said no, she did not see what did he say that “he related with laughter.
“Abruptly, a security people grabs me because, without comprehending it, I grabbed the female by the shoulders and happening to shake her while glaring at her,”   Lawrence said.
In the Hollywood business,Jennifer Lawrence has erected out, in addition to her flair, for being one of the actresses with the finest sense of humor and recently it was inveterate after he shared in a radio interview with Howard Stern, an embarrassing anecdote.
Everything happened during the 60th birthday party of the American presenter Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lawrence, who was ready to leave the place decided to go in search of his companion to say goodbye to all attendees. However, this person was not yet ready to leave yet.
“The security guy might not stop laughing as he had listened to the complete exchange.” Finally the lady also current laughing, “Concluded the eminent actress.
When Severe asked the Hollywood star if the woman was also celebrated, she said no.  “I have to find out who it is to say sorry.” I waited to smoke marijuana with some rappers, but their lawn was unlike, I went into a changed universe and then I went to the toilet to urinate, but there was a woman coming up and she said to me, you, come in, but I I said her that she was first, and she reacted me again, which I did, but then I thought – she wants to poop – I left the bathroom, I went traditional to her and said, “Hey, you have to poop,” said by actress.
she continued his inquiring story saying that the lady replied that he really did not feel like dashing and that he had no idea why she was important him such a thing, still, Jennifer insisted and, “came a security person, who had to grab me, since without realizing it, I was quaking this woman by the shoulders while she screamed that she had to do poop.”
Finally, the situation incited the laughter of both the security employees and the woman herself. “I have to find out who is to say sorry,” determined the actress.
It is not the first time that   Jennifer Lawrence is the character of a shameful state, in previous interviews the beautiful pale has stated that she is not very loving of parties, considering that most of the time she passes nibbles and ends up vomiting without concern in any bathroom or insight of whoever.


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