Trump calls MP Adam Schiff as Adam “Schitt”

Donald Trump Adam Schiff

President Donald Trump, on Sunday, aimed at a congressional official who he often conflicts with on Twitter – only this time the president apparently changed the MP his name to make it sound like a curse word.

Republic Adam Schiff (D-California) spoke this Sunday on the need to determine whether Trump’s temporary appointment to run the Ministry of Justice constitutional or not. Matthew Whitaker has never been confirmed by the Senate to act as Attorney General, and much questioning of whether a temporary employee serves in this role can do so without being approved for a position in the Department of Justice.

Schiff is among those who think his appointment is not good. “I think the appointment is unconstitutional,” Schiff said, according to the Washington review. “He is clearly a senior officer and the fact that he is temporary, the chief executive does not mean that it is less subject to Senate confirmation.”

It is possible that the name Schiff alteration was a typo, as the letters “f” and “t” look very close on a keyboard. However, if it’s a typo, it’s pretty peculiar, that correcting automatically from “Schiff” to “Schitt” would not be likely.

According to the Star Tribune, which has an article allowing you to search how many people with a certain name exist in the US, the surname “Schiff” occurs at 1.35 times on every 100,000 people in the United States. The USA which means that more than 4,000 people in the country have only the name. For the name, “Schitt,” however, little data could be retrieved, which means that fewer than 100 people in the US have that name.

Schiff has quickly noticed the typo himself and responded to take over on Twitter in his tweet. “Wow, Mr. President, it’s a good one,” he writes in his tweet. “It was like your answers to Mr. Mueller questions, or did you write this one yourself?”

The controversy over the tweet may be disputed, but on the question of who should be named or not, the president seems to be misinformed, or, at least, one can collect, he is based on his tweets. The Constitution is clear that the president must obtain approval for the “all-public Ministers and Consuls” (read: cabinet members), according to the National Constitution Center (the attorney general fit into this category).

The special advisor, however, is an appointment within the Department of Justice and does not require the approval of the Senate. Indeed, an appointed trump Judge ruled just a couple of months that Mueller’s appointment to oversee Russia’s investigation was constitutional, by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

What is the background of the insult?

FBI Special Investigator Robert Mueller, who heads the Russia investigation, was once appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The task was handed over to Rosenstein by Jeff Sessions, as sessions seemed to be biased. As with many personnel decisions by the Ministry of Justice, Robert Mueller did not require confirmation from the Senate.

After the Midterm elections, Trump lost the House of Representatives to the Democrats. Now fearing a more intensive investigation into Russia, the president immediately changed his minister of justice. Jeff Sessions was replaced by Matthew Whitaker. Whitaker shares various views with Donald Trump. He rejects the investigations of the FBI. The Democrats fear that Trump will use Whitaker to stifle the investigation before they take over the House of Representatives in January. Whitaker now has insight into the current state of investigations and can prevent further action.

Some Democrats, such as Adam Schiff and other lawyers, such as George Conway, point out that the appointment of Matt Whitaker was unconstitutional, as it was not confirmed by the Senate. On the other hand, the Republicans claim that confirmation is unnecessary because Whitaker is an only a temporary substitute.

Has Adam Schiff responded to the insult?

After Trump’s insult via Twitter, Adam answered Schiff directly, referring to the questionnaires of the FBI. “Wow Mr. President, that was good. Is that like their answers to Mueller’s questions, or did they write this themselves? “Said the Democrat from California.

He pointed out that the president does not personally respond to FBI questionnaires, but prefers his lawyers. As the President refuses a private interview with the investigators, Robert Mueller sent written questions to the White House. Trump claimed last week that he would answer for himself. “My lawyers do not give the answers, I write the answers. I was asked many questions and I answered them very easily, “said the President.


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