Three ribs of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg broke

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Progressive Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, breaks three ribs after a fall

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, judge of the Supreme Court, has been hospitalized in Washington after breaking three ribs after suffering a fall, according to the highest judicial authority on Thursday. Ginsburg, 85, is the oldest judge of the Supreme Court icon in progressive circles and in popular culture, for example for her defense of the right to abortion and her calm but profound judicial arguments. His accident, which occurred on Wednesday in his office, stoked fears in the US left for his state of health and the political color of the court.

In the event of Ginsburg’s retirement or death, the US president, Republican Donald Trump, would have the possibility of appointing his third candidate to the Supreme Court, where the charges are for life and influence for decades in the social direction of the United States. In the legislative elections on Tuesday, the Republicans maintained and expanded their majority in the Senate until at least January 2021. It is this House that is in charge of voting for the nominees to the tribunal after intense scrutiny of their candidacy.

Ginsburg, who during the 2016 election campaign criticized Trump, has shown no signs of wanting to retire and has already chosen his assistants until at least 2020. Currently, of the nine judges of the Supreme Court, five are considered conservative and four are progressive.

That balance of power was accentuated in October with the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh, whose voting process was embroiled in a huge political crisis after being accused of sexual abuse of women, extremes that he categorically denied. Kavanaugh, who will officially take office this Thursday, replaces Anthony Kennedy, 82, who announced his retirement last summer and who acted as a pendulum in court, sometimes aligned with conservatives and in others with progressives.

Ginsburg was nominated in 1993 by the then president, the Democrat Bill Clinton. It is not the first time he suffers from health problems. She already broke two ribs in 2012, was operated on the heart in 2014 and has also overcome cancer.

Judge Ginsburg, the most veteran of the US Supreme Court, breaks three ribs in a fall

Ginsburg fell in his office on Thursday afternoon and, after suffering pain during the night, he went this Thursday morning to the George Washington University Hospital, where doctors found that he had broken three ribs on the left side. The judge joined the Supreme Court in 1993 and is now part of the progressive minority after the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh has tipped the balance in favor of more conservative positions – five votes to four. In case Ginsburg was unable to perform.

The hospital admission of Ginsburg coincides with the visit today of President Trump and of the first lady, Melania, to the Supreme Court, where they will participate in the investiture of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who received the approval of the Senate last month after a controversial confirmation process.


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