Segway and Lime are trying to improve battery of scooter

Segway and Lime

As we can see in the current world electric scooters are appearing in cities around us, so people are want to know whether they are really safe or they should avoid for now?

The question about the safety of this scooter answered when Lime announced that he had recalled the Segway Ninebot scooters that he was operating and restricted its production because of a “serious problem” in first prototypes of the scooter because this scooter was known to cause a fire.

The only problem is that Segway issued its own statement Friday, suggesting that the problem could be due to mismanagement of e-scooters and lack of their proper maintenance. Tony Ho, Segway’s vice president of global business development, told The Washington Post: “We want to address to shareholders of our scooter that only fire operations had taken place in Operation Lime.”

In a statement presented in a document, 80% of the “shared scooters” used came from one of its three Ninebot factories and offered their own explanation for the discrepancy: “Given the fact that the management and maintenance of shared scooters and their identification of damaged vehicles is heavily dependent on operators, we strongly recommend that operators increase their fleet operation and maintenance capabilities to avoid potential safety issues caused by the inappropriate use of damaged vehicles. ” the companies said they work “closely together” to answer questions about faulty batteries.

Lime e-scooter sharing works with the green-white electric scooters

First came Bird, then came Lime, and then Animal Mobility followed. In Vienna, three new providers of e-scooter services have been competing for the favor of those who do not want to walk short distances. According to the Vienna Mobility Agency, Lime is currently the largest of the three operators. The US startup already has 1,500 e-scooters on the road in the Austrian capital and has expanded its operating area to almost all districts – only the 23rd district and those parts of Vienna on the outer borders are not yet included.

By comparison, Bird currently has around 850 electric scooters on the roads and Animal Mobility around 250. So, the chance of finding one of the green-and-white lime scooters along the way is greatest. We have summarized for you how Lime works.

How you can borrow a lime scooter?

With an app that is available for iPhone and android. On a map, the scooters are displayed, which are currently free. If you stand in front of the desired scooter, you can scan the QR code on the handlebar with the app. Then a connection is made and the scooter is unlocked.

The app is currently partly translated badly in German. Part of the app is also the talk of bicycles, but you cannot rent in Vienna. Lime bikes are only available in other cities.

How does the scooter work?

Quite easy. To accelerate, you have to get the vehicle rolling once with your foot, only then you can use the button on the right handlebar to accelerate. There is also a brake on the handlebars, and there are lights in the back and the front to make it easier for other road users to see them in the dark. You can only ride alone on a scooter.


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