Marvel movies will miss the Mustache lord Stan Lee

Stan Lee

The Hollywood of today would be without Stan Lee, what you can find good or bad, another: The Marvel Comic adaptations are billions of profit-making ventures, in which accumulation you can ever lose track.

“Venom” is still running, for 2019 is a “Captain Marvel” movie on, to the next episode with the “Avengers” and with “Spider-Man”. The films have created their own universe with cross-references, overlaps – if you want to see one, you want to see everyone. And you could almost always see there Stan Lee, who walked in guest appearances through the picture, such as a hot dog seller. He had not much to do with the films – in between he had even sued the Marvel studios once because he felt pulled over his share of profits on the table. He was repaid several million dollars.

Now Stan Lee died, at the age of 95 years. He leaves behind a world of wonderfully gaudy trivial myths and multi-layered figures, in which under the suit (not infrequently made of latex) usually hit a big heart. His professional life goal is achieved, but not alone through him: “I want to achieve that a smart person with a comic booklet down the street and not embarrassing.”

It seems like yesterday when comic fans said goodbye to one of the most influential names of the medium, Steve Ditko. The cartoonist who helped create characters like Spider-Man or The Fantastic Four left us in June 2018. And now, his great workmate and friend Stan Lee have also left us. Stan Lee, one of the fathers of the comic as a medium, and more specifically Marvel as a company has died at 95 years due to complications after pneumonia.

Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan “The Man” Lee, was born on December 28, 1922, in New York, his fetish city and the home he has shared with most of his characters, Spider-Man, Captain America, etc.

Like so many children, he always had a great fixation on heroic characters and adventure stories. The own Lee indicated, in a multitude of occasions, how the films of Errol Flynn were his greater inspiration at the time of experimenting with his creativity, inventing comic strips, already from small, in his visionary imagination.

In comic book creators, Stan Lee took his first steps in the medium writing for pulp magazines in publications such as Timely Comics, the company that in the 60s would become Marvel Comics. During his years as an author, Stan Lee, worked alongside some of his, not always, inseparable companions, such as Jack Kirby or the aforementioned Steve Ditko. Throughout his career, and especially in the 60s, Lee gave life to such iconic characters as Spider-Man, The Avengers, the X-Men or The Fantastic Four.

Stan Lee and his comic role

For most of the average audience in a movie theater, Stan Lee is the mustache lord who appears in all the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the truth is that the presence of Stan Lee in the cinema goes far beyond his cameos in films based on his comic book characters. His face of the actor is even before ‘ X-Men ‘, the first great success for Marvel on the big screen, which came from the hand of Fox in 2000.

We have not only been able to enjoy, and honor, his work through his cameos in real action. Because Stan Lee has also had his most animated version in ‘ Big Hero 6 ‘. And, more recently, video game fans have also been able to remember Stan “The Man” one last time, since the creator of Spider-Man could not miss the popular video game based on the character.

In addition to his work as a comic strip cartoonist, Stan Lee tried to make his work more important, with the ability to transcend the meaning of a comic.

“Will Stan Lee appear in Avengers 4?” The director of the film cleared the doubt

As many will know, Lee appears briefly in many films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the least expected moment and his scene could not be missed in the next film of The Avengers. Despite the fact that after his death has not been talked about, a recent interview with the Russo Brothers reveals it. The director of the film Joe Russo spoke with the BBC a few months ago and said that the Marvel’s brain preferred to record their scenes in advance, a statement that presupposes that Stan Lee did record his cameo for Avengers 4.

“Stan does not love to travel, so we try to make all his cameos at the same time. So if we have other films that are being filmed at the same time, for example, in Ant-Man 2 and Avengers 4 we group their cameos and take them from one set to another, so we get them to film all their appearances in a single day “.

In any case, with or without a cameo, it is most likely that it has its well-deserved tribute in the next releases.

  • Marvel and many other artists remember Stan Lee after the “father” of the superhero died 
  • “Deadpool,” Ryan Reynolds said, “Unbelievable … Please rest Stan Lee. Thank you for all.” 
  • Robert Downey Jr. “The actor is backed up by his role as Iron Man,” he said, “I owe him all. 
  • “Hawkeye” Jeremy Renner: “Rest, Stan Lee, you are a legend and a friend of mine.” 
  • “Hulk” Mark Ruffalo expressed, “It’s a sad day, rest, Stan, and you’ve made the world better by the power of modern mythology and my love of art.”

Stan Lee was a hero for his own reasons. Engaged in motivating and giving means to all those who dream of being like him, Stan Lee created the Stan Lee Foundation in 2010. An NGO that focused on getting a basic education as well as books and comics to all those young people who did not have access to them. In an attempt to promote culture among the youngest.

For his legacy as the creator of Marvel and things like this is why Stan Lee will not only be remembered, but it will go down in history as one of the most well-known, iconic and influential names in pop culture and entertainment. Rest in Peace, Stan Lee. Thanks a lot.


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