Lady Gaga is committed to her boyfriend Christian Carino

Lady Gaga Christian Carino

The rumors had been heard much more than expected, but there was still no confirmation of Lady Gaga’s commitment to her agent Christian Carino. As announced by some, the couple would have pledged secretly in 2017, an event after which Gaga wore a ring of striking pink diamonds.

However, it has not been until now when the singer announced at last in person: “Thanks to all the loved ones in my life. Bobby, I love you. To everyone at the table. To my fiancé, Christian. To all the beings that take care of me every day. And to Ryan Murphy, thanks for giving me my leadership role. You know that the Golden Globe belongs to you, “confessed Lady Gaga at the Elle event held on Monday in Beverly Hills.

Cariño, 49, is his agent and that of other renowned artists such as Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles or Justin Bieber. They were seen together for the first time in January of last year, although their relationship has been very discreet so far … And, apparently, it will not be able to be more, because Gaga does not stop being news thanks to his great work in A Star is Born. Congratulations, couple!

Lady Gaga is committed to her boyfriend Christian Carino

The pregnancy of Meghan Markle and the birth of the first son of Pippa Middleton, the announcement of Lady Gaga’s engagement with the powerful Hollywood agent, Christian Carino, 49, with whom he has been leaving since last year, has now been added. Among his clients, Ojito there, are Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera … Almost nothing.

Has there been an official confirmation? No, but the singer has dropped it during a party held in Los Angeles in which he was given a prize. During his speech, he made the news clear: “I thank my fiance for the support”. That is to say, he is no longer a boyfriend, now he is already promised and surely there has been a ring in between.

Lady Gaga is abandoned in the love of Christian Carino, his new fiance

Either out of carelessness or intentionally, Lady Gaga confirmed on Monday what an open secret was already: her commitment to Christian Carino. As she passes through the annual gala organized by ELLE magazine to celebrate the most prominent women in Hollywood, the singer and actress referred to her boyfriend as her “fiancé”, thus clearing once and for all the doubts surrounding the ring. Pink diamonds that have been seen several times since last November.

Despite the immense fame of her, since they began their love story in February 2017 the couple has managed to pass almost completely unnoticed compared to the previous relationship of the artist with Taylor Kinney, with whom in the summer of 2016 broke his commitment a little more than a year after making it public.

In view of the commotion that then caused the news among his fans, who had already become accustomed to seeing the actor as the future lord of ‘monster mom’, the star decided to be very cautious when it came to protecting Christian from media scrutiny; one of the few times that they were seen together in public voluntarily was in the Super Bowl in 2017 in which she was responsible for entertaining the intermediate with his spectacular musical number.

The future husband of Gaga, meanwhile, seems very comfortable giving all the prominence to his girl in view of the day to day of his work as a celebrity agent is basically that: driving from the shadows the careers of their customers like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles or Gaga herself.

In addition to coinciding with the singer in his desire to protect their privacy, Christian also shares his passion for tattoos and sports a portrait of her on the biceps. In financial matters, and although it cannot compete with the immense fortune of the stars, it is not bad at all because a jewel like the one he gave to his future wife when he asked her to marry him easily reaches the million. Dollars, according to an expert from the Brilliant Earth jewelry brand to the Page Six website.

A news that has excited fans and that puts the icing on a spectacular year in which the singer has shown that the big screen does not resist. Lady Gaga is reaping numerous positive reviews thanks to her performance in the movie ‘A Star Is Born’ with Bradley Cooper, who also directs the film. In fact, some say it could be nominated for the Oscars. Something that would not be anything outlandish since the singer already has a Golden Globe to his credit for his performance in ‘American Horror Story’.

With the commitment to Christian Carino, Lady Gaga puts the finishing touch on a relationship that began after a sad break with actor Taylor Kinney. “We argued all the time because our schedules did not allow us to be together as much as we wanted,” he confessed in the documentary ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’. With Taylor, he started in 2011 and he even got involved. However, on July 20, 2016, Lady Gaga made public the break with some beautiful words and a tender image on Instagram.


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