Should Microsoft release an Xbox Mini to PlayStation?


Xbox responds to the announcement of the PlayStation Classic with its best weapon: backward compatibility

You’ve seen it already: Sony has announced the PlayStation Classic, a miniaturized version of its first PlayStation that comes, in this case, with 20 games pre-installed. Or what is the same: both Nintendo and Sony have embarked on the journey of nostalgia through the mini versions of their most mythical consoles. And what about Xbox?

What happens is that Microsoft opted to offer backward compatibility from Xbox One backward instead of charging again for the classic games we already had. I’m not just referring to the 99.99 euros that the PlayStation Classic will cost , which, after all, as a collectable object that also allows playing, like the Mini NES and the SNES mini , has its value, but for all those titles that We bought for Sony consoles before the PS4 and we can not play in it if it is not going through the box again .

Retro-compatibility and subscription services vs mini consoles

The truth is that, although it is understood that the tweet refers to backward compatibility, the message is not well written. As it is written, without further information, gives the impression that I can enter the Xbox One now and play more than 500 classic Xbox titles without paying anything, which is not true unless it is already in possession of all those games. I guess that’s the reason why a minute later they have answered themselves with another tweet by adding a link to the official page containing the retrocompatible games .

Media Create takes stock in figures for the week of September 10 to 16, 2018, and the hardware side in Japan, we notice a week with fairly stable data, without a major event. It should be noted that the Xbox One has exceeded the level of 99,000 units sold; at its own pace, it will cross the 100,000 in a few months.

Consoles Sales in Japan: Week 37 – Xbox One at the Edge of a Cap

Beyond the best or worst that the tweet is written (this is not the news, I have commented because given the clear intention of the message is surprising that it has been done so carelessly), it is clear that, for now, Microsoft is going to follow the line that has been following for some time: nothing to pay twice for the same game if they can avoid it, no miniature retro consoles, yes to retrocompatibility and subscription services that give access to much of the catalog of all the Xbox as Game Pass .

It is true that we see the difference between ps4 servers and Xbox servers?

The Japanese players are not at all fair play and often show a very regrettable attitude when they do not play with their compatriots.

I still paid the price recently on Dead by daylight version ps4 where two survivors curiously allied themselves with the killer to flush out the other two and upper their rate of care. It was three Japanese players. And this has happened in many parts. And on other games too, I have sometimes seen behaviors at the limit of reasonable. When I play live Xbox, any unregulated behavior is sanctioned at least

In the future … in the future who knows. I think that a mini Xbox, for example, could cohabit perfectly with the retrocompatibility that they already offer in Xbox One. In the end, we are talking about having as many options at our fingertips, the best, and the one that has retro-compatible games well, and the one that wants have an Xbox Mini, or that is a collector’s item if you do not decide to use it to play, well also.


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