Obama breaks his silence at Senator McCain’s funeral


George W. Bush, who defeated McCain in the 2000 Republican presidential election, stated that McCain abhorred abuse of power. “He was honorable, always appreciative that his adversaries were still patriots and humans.

Barack Obama, who won the presidential election against McCain in 2008, said the senator had “made us better presidents” and made the country better. McCain knew about the importance of the rule of law, truth, and free reporting, all of which are essential to US democracy. “John has never discriminated against anyone because of their race, religion or gender.”

It’s a small gesture that has made a big impact on Twitter. At the funeral for Senator John McCain, George W. Bush apparently handed over some sweets from his wife Laura to Michelle Obama. Twitter users even spoke of a sign of hope for the future of America. While the US president was playing golf, the speakers at the memorial service of US Senator and War Heroes.

Criticism of Bush and Obama

These were as ex-heads of state in their speeches more reserved than McCain’s daughter, but still clear. They praised McCain’s willingness to think beyond his own interests and party interests.

With a moving funeral service for the late US Senator John McCain, political Washington has sent a signal of bipartisan unity against President Donald Trump. At the request of the deceased, former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush appeared on Saturday as funeral orators. They praised McCain as a selfless politician who “made the country better”. Trump, who was not invited at the request of McCain, meanwhile went golfing.

A scene that occurred during the memorial service symbolized for many people the cohesiveness that is lacking in America today. A Twitter user wrote: “George W. Bush, who gives Michelle Obama a sweetie, makes my heart melt.” Another Twitter user commented on the clip: “George Bush, who hands Michelle Obama a candy, is a sweet and bad metaphor for everything we’ve lost in politics. “Another user on Twitter writes that the secret gesture of the ex-president gives him confidence in the future of the United States.

Again, no one was hiding the reference to the current policy under Trump.

The moment when applause broke out

Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble and Norbert Röttgen (both CDU), Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, arrived from Germany. Röttgen called his participation in the funeral a “demonstration of what the transatlantic relationship was once.” McCain had been an annual guest at the Munich Security Conference.

McCain’s daughter Meghan was once again clear at the end of her speech. In an unmistakable reference to Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” she said, “John McCain’s America does not need to be rebuilt because America has always been big.” It was the only moment in the two-hour service in which applause rang out in the middle of a funeral oration.

The funeral orators avoided naming the absent president. Nevertheless, criticism of Trump’s polarizing style of politics permeated the speeches in the Washington National Cathedral, in which many prominent representatives of the various political camps had gathered.

Bush and his wife, former first lady Laura Bush were sitting in the same row as Michelle and Barack Obama. The two former presidents had the opportunity to speak during the tribute to McCain, who died at age 81 on August 25 due to an aggressive brain tumor.

The scene between Bush and Michelle was captured while former Senator Joe Lieberman had the floor. Before giving the candy to Michelle, Bush had received it from his wife Laura.

According to People, Michelle seemed to say “thank you” and smiled at the Bush couple. For many who opined on social media, the moment, which became “viral,” meant what McCain expected from his funeral.

These sentences hit Donald Trump the most

McCain asked Bush and Obama – both faced the late senator in pre-campaign and the presidential campaign, respectively – to dedicate a few words at his funeral, Time magazine reported.

The sharpest distancing came from McCain’s daughter Meghan, who alluded to Trump’s campaign slogan “Makes America Big Again”: “The America of John McCain does not have to be made big again, because it has always been,” she said. “We also mourn a loss of American greatness here – true greatness, not the cheap rhetoric of men who have never made nearly as many victims as he has.” For her speech, Meghan McCain earned long-lasting applause from the mourners.

Five kilometers further south, Trump left the White House just then. He was wearing a white polo shirt and a cap with the inscription “Make America Great Again.” While his nation mourned, the president went to golf.

It was a sweet moment on a day full of mourning. During the funeral procession of Republican Senator John McCain, in the National Cathedral of Washington, the cameras captured the moment when former President George W. Bush secretly smuggled a piece of candy – or perhaps a mint candy – to the former prime minister. Lady Michelle Obama reported People magazine.


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