Lil Wayne “Tha Carter V” No Drop & Fans Are Indignant

Lil Wayne "Tha Carter V" No Drop & Fans Are Indignant

Lil Wayne fans were praying Tha Carter V would fall at 12 in the morning EST on Friday night (September 21). But as the midnight hour came and went, the almost mythical album was nowhere to be found.

Seven years after its previous installment, the saga of Tha Carter albums will resume. The 5th of the family should be released on September 21st.

After years of conflict, Lil Wayne had recently freed himself from the conflict with Birdman and his Cash Money label that blocked the release of this album. After that, the long-awaited Tha Carter V was announced as imminent and ready to go out, he is now officially on the verge of going out. In a tweet posted Wednesday by his Young Money label, Lil Wayne unveiled the cover of the album. It shows an extended palm in which one can read “The World” in reverse.

Rapper Lil Wayne revealed for Billboard a very turbulent episode in his childhood life.

Lil Wayne, who is about to release his album Tha Carter V, revealed that the known accident he had at the age of twelve when he shot himself in the chest with a gun, was actually a suicide attempt that fortunately came out alive.

Lil Wayne reveals that he tried to commit suicide at age twelve

According to Billboard, Lil Wayne found a gun in his mother’s house and shot himself in the chest, but failed to hit his heart. Lil Wayne had said that this incident had been an accident, but, in a song of his new album, he admits that he had tried to take his own life because his mother had told him that he was not going to rape anymore.

The song where he reveals this episode of his life will have the sample of the 2013 song of Sampha, Indecision. Lil Wayne decided to increase the verses and reveal the truth behind the incident after the suicide of Anthony Bourdain and MKate Spades.

Young Money has ignited a social media firestorm after posting what appears to be the cover art for Lil Wayne’s long-awaited album, Tha Carter V. It reportedly comes out September 21.

The expected fifth installment of Tha Carter, the series has been delayed for years due to Wayne’s legal problems with Cash, CEO of Bryan “Birdman” Williams.

It is true that there are signs pointing to a midnight release. Floyd Mayweather alluded enigmatically to a September 21 publication. Young Money shared a potential album cover on Twitter.

They have seen a tracklist that may or may not be authentic, with entries from Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Justin Timberlake, Mannie Fresh and more. Reality and fiction began to blend in, but fans were optimistic, despite previous difficulties related to Carter V. Could the project really come in a matter of hours? We can only wait.

If no official date has been unveiled, some American sources advance that of September 21. Floyd Mayweather would have posted on Instagram. Weezy had already used athletes in the past, including Kobe Bryant, already teaser Tha Carter V in 2014.

Young Money tweeted what appeared to be the cover art for Lil Wayne’s forthcoming release, Tha Carter V. The caption read, “Put them 5s up!!!”

On September 21, publication date rumor of departure floating earlier this month. On September 12, Young Money caused a temporary social media frenzy when Tha Carter V’s cover art was published.

Mack Maine, Lil Wayne’s right-hand man, said the rapper told him he wanted to add the verses to help someone who might be going through the same thing.”I want to talk about this because I know a lot of people could be going through this,” Maine says Lil Wayne told him.


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