WWE: Kevin Owens surrendered RAW surprisingly


Kevin Owens says he leaves WWE after he has lost to Seth Rollins on Raw’s Bleacher report 

Kevin Owens returned to Monday Night RAW after a week off, but it was perhaps his last show. After losing to Seth Rollins for his Intercontinental Championship, Owens sat in the middle of the ring long after the match to convey t

Owens would storm out of the ring and leave the building, causing KO’s name on Twitter to trend for the entire Monday Night RAW. Look at Owens and tell the WWE Universe “I stop” below. 

At SummerSlam, Kevin Owens dropped to Braun Strowman in less than two minutes. Owens took some brutal kicks, so he missed RAW after the event last week. 

WWE fans may have seen the last of Kevin Owens. 

The former Universal Champion challenged Seth Rollins on Monday evening from Row to the Intercontinental title.  Tonight, Seth Rollins challenged an open challenge for his Intercontinental Championship and Owens, surprisingly, answered the call. He told Seth that he wanted to return to RAW after being abused on SmackDown Live, but since he returned to the main show, things have gotten worse.

He hoped to change his luck by winning the IC belt, but it would not happen. 

So Kevin Owens really left WWE? No, that’s the beginning of a new angle for KO. Later in the show, Baron Corbin spoke with Stephanie McMahon, who told him to handle the situation with Owens. This is likely to cause Corbin Owens to reach over several weeks to get him back.

In addition, KO recently signed a five-year deal with WWE when he revealed in a May interview with Pat Laprade of TVA Sports. Owens said he recently signed a new contract with WWE. 

Owens had a chance at SummerSlam to take revenge on Strowman. Instead, Strowman dominated the game and beat Owens in under two minutes. 

Owens ‘quitting’ WWE might be able to write him off television for a while, which would allow him to recover physically and give his character time to come out of a time when he finished second in almost every major match, WWE might even wait until Sami Zayn is healthy to bring Owens back to the herd, but that might take a while. Zayn operated on both rotator cuffs and said in a June WWE.com interview that he wanted to return for WrestleMania next spring.

The Survivor Series in November seems to be a more logical event for Owens’ PPV return if he is actually heading for a longer break. 

“I do not understand why I will not finish my career with WWE, I just signed a new five-year contract with them, I do not intend to go anywhere (when) my contract ends, if WWE wants to continue if I keep going and my family is ready to move on, I do not see why that would not happen. “

What do you think about this new angle for Kevin Owens? When do you think we see KO on TV again? Let us know in the comments below.

wo words to the Toronto audience: “I’m stopping.”


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