Neil Young and Daryl Hannah already have been married


Allegedly, Neil Young and Daryl married Hannah last weekend. Officially, the marriage is not yet. Did music legend Neil Young (72, “Harvest Moon”) and actress Daryl Hannah (57, “Kill Bill”) get married? At least that’s what the British “Mirror” reports.

According to the paper, Young and Hannah held a ceremony on his yacht in the San Juan Islands. The actual wedding was then last Saturday in Atascadero, California, in a small circle and only with close friends, have taken place.

A confirmation is still pending, but as an indication, the last Instagram post from Hannah would apply. To the picture of a mysterious owl, she writes: “Someone watches over us … love and only love”. Among them are countless congratulations from fans and friends. Many congratulations from Neil Young and Daryl Hannah suggest that the couple dared to do so.

Neil Young and actress Daryl Hannah are said to have married on Saturday (August 25) in a private ceremony in the city of Atascadero, California. Even if there is no official confirmation, numerous congratulations from the environment of the couple indicate a marriage.

Neil Young’s blog administrator congratulated the couple who had been dating since 2014 with one post:

“Here’s the Trasher’s Wheat Song of the Day: Married Man by Neil Young & The Bluenotes. Congratulations N & D! ”

On Facebook, special well-wishers joined: The guitarist Mark Miller wrote: “Congratulations to Daryl Hannah and Neil Young for their wedding today. May they have a long and happy relationship.” He later realized that he accidentally confirmed something that might not be official at all. In one post, he said, “Interesting that it was not official. I only knew about it because a friend of mine was in Atascadero at the ceremony and announced it on his page. Oops ” Which basically confirms the wedding.

The musician Neil Young and the actress Daryl Hannah would have married last weekend, as confirmed by their close circle in social networks. Young (72) and Hannah (57) would have contracted marriage in a small celebration to which they invited their closest friends this Saturday in Atascadero (California, EE UU). The celebration took place after a ceremony in the San Juan Islands aboard Young’s yacht. Although none of the artists has officially confirmed the link, the administrator of the blog of the musician wrote “Congratulations N & D” , a message that a fan noticed and asked if it was true that they had married, as He replied: “Numerous guests at the reception in downtown California have confirmed it, it was described as a ‘party’.”

Young and Hannah are a couple since 2014. Before that, the musician was 36 years married to the songwriter Pegi in a second marriage. Hannah had longer relationships with presidential son John F. Kennedy Jr in the 1980s and ’90s. and the musician Jackson Browne.


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