MORGAN STANLEY Analysts see Amazon’s stock potential at $2500


Rapidly growing sales, profitable business areas, and high profits. The Amazon share as well, according to analysts from Morgan Stanley – with a lot of room for improvement.

American investment bank Morgan Stanley credited to the well overflowed shares of Amazon still significantly more. Analyst Brian Nowak screwed up in a study available on Wednesday, his price target for the papers of the online trading giant from 1850 to 2500 dollars in the air. Based on the current price level of $ 1933, he expects the tech paper to gain more than 30 percent. The stock rating is still “overweight”.

Investors in tech fever: Just a few weeks ago, the tech giant Apple’s stock market chart has hit the trillion-dollar barrier and has risen to become the world’s most valuable corporation. But looking at the pace at which Amazon’s Amazon stock market chart is catching up, Apple will not be left alone in this exclusive “Trillion Dollar Club” for much longer. There are many indications that four US corporations will soon surpass the stock market valuation of one trillion dollars each – and that Amazon will soon replace Apple as the world’s most valuable group.

Rapidly growing revenues in particularly profitable businesses enabled Amazon to continue investing while generating higher profits, the expert said. Along with this, average market estimates are likely to rise. Nowak’s forecasts for operating earnings (EBIT) for 2018 and 2019 are currently 9 and 7 percent above market expectations, respectively.

The US investment bank has raised the price target for Amazon from 1850 to 2500 US dollars and left the rating on “Overweight”.

Thanks to rapidly growing sales margins, the Internet retailer could continue to invest and at the same time generate higher profits, wrote analyst Brian Nowak in a study available on Wednesday.

Revenue is expected to grow by about a third to $ 265 billion this year according to CNN’s consensus estimate. Earnings per share should almost triple. For the recent price surge at Amazon, stock market chart show had last provided the purchase of the online pharmacy PillPack. Observers believe that Amazon will now increasingly attack the lucrative health market and play its market power. But Amazon is no longer just a retailer but achieves rich profits in the cloud business with its web service business AWS.

Apple should not stay alone in the trillion-dollar club – as long as the tech rally on the US stock exchanges does not come to a sudden end. In addition, Tim Cook still has a chance to keep Amazon for a while to keep up: in September is expected to launch new iPhones.

According to Nowak, the high margin businesses this year are expected to account for about 22 percent of total revenue.


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