How bad Colts QB Andrew Luck was in game Against Ravens


Andrew Luck seems to be still far from full recovery following a preseason that has more lows than highs. On Monday night, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback played only his second game in 19 months when his team lost 20-19 to the Baltimore Ravens.

Lucky had shoulder surgery early last season and was forced to sit out the entire 2017 campaign, despite the Colts’ proposal that he would eventually be involved. Luck eventually returned to the court earlier this month as the Colts backed a 19-17 against the Seattle Seahawks in the second week of preseason and looked understandably rusty. The spider webs were still on Monday evening, when the 28-year-old completed six of his 13 tried passes for 50 yards, intercepting a pass and being fired twice in 23 games.

Fortunately, Luck revealed that he was happy to be released from Terrell’s Suggs of Ravens.

“I told someone after the game that I was happy to be fired from Suggs, a legitimate sack,” Luck is quoted by ESPN.

“I landed on my right elbow and remembered how I injured my shoulder a few years ago [in Week 3 of the 2015 season.] I did not feel anything, I did not worry, that’s a big deal. ” Deal for me, able to lose this thought bubble. ”
While the Colback’s quarterback has made progress to overcome the psychological burden associated with a serious injury, he was disappointed with his production on the field.

In his two preseason games, Luck has completed 12 combined passes of 22 for just 114 yards. Granted, against the Ravens, the non-recipient colts were TY Hilton and went down against Anthony Castonzo for injuries, but Luck admitted the team performance was “sloppy”.

The former Stanford student, scheduled to play against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, was pleased with his progress. “I am very, very encouraged, how I feel, I feel great.”

Colt coach Frank Reich sounded a little less optimistic but hinted that it was difficult to draw too many conclusions from preseason games. “We simply did not find a rhythm for him,” he explained.

“I felt that there might have been one or two litters that were not his best throws, but overall, it’s usually not as bad as you think or as well as you think. Still, trust a direction we can go into go offensively. “


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