Drug overdose took the life of Jackson Odell


Shocking news from Hollywood made the rounds in early June! The young actor Jackson Odell, who is known to all diehard fans of the ABC series “The Goldbergs” by his role as Ari Caldwell, died at the young age of only 20 years.

The cause of death was previously unknown to the public – it was merely stated that he was not a victim of crime. Now there are updates on the death of the youngster: Allegedly, an overdose is responsible for his demise.

As Daily Mail and other media report, the medical report finally brought light into the darkness. The singer-songwriter probably had consumed cocaine and heroin shortly before his death. Jackson is said not to have deliberately killed himself, but it was a terrible accident. Already in the past, the music lover fought again and again against his drug addiction. At the time of death, he was staying in his home in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, where he had reportedly wanted to stay clean.

“He had so much more to share. Our family will always carry with you, the truth forward. Our wish is that the rest of the world she knew and loved him as well. “

Jackson has several TV credits under his name, including starring on popular children’s show, iCarly, as well as the comedy Arrested Development. He was best known for his role on The Goldbergs, as Ari Caldwell, starring in several episodes from 2013 to 2015. One of his last interviews took place on the red carpet for the movie to restart in January.

There have been found large amounts of heroin and cocaine in the body of the actor. In the report, the doctors from an accident, a suicide is excluded. 

The “The Goldbergs” star has been struggling with drug problems for a while but was considered clean in the months before the overdose. Two days after his surprising death, his family published a statement on June 10th. It said that he will always be “a radiant light and a brilliant, loving and talented soul”. His family members expressed a desire to mourn privately. There will be no further comments.

He had poured out the experience of working on the film on the red carpet, saying, “Writing, from a place of truth, it’s a really big deal for me – whether it’s relationships, or whether it’s about salvation or catharsis or marriage whatever it is. “It’s not really about the topic, how it is, about the progress and experiences, and the process that someone goes through without love. I draw inspiration from the truth, wherever that may be. “

With the fans, friends, and family of the deceased, the shock is still deep. Shortly after his death, his relatives had posted moving lines. TMZ quoted from the first statement: “He will always be a radiant light and a brilliant, loving and talented soul, he could have shared so much with the world.”


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